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Red Cedar Health offers a desensitizing treatment for environmental allergies


Allergies come in various forms. When most of us think of allergies we think of environmental allergies. These types of allergies, such as allergies to grasses or trees, stimulate a release of histamine from the areas that come in contact with the allergen. This usually translates to runny nose and itchy, watery eyes, and may even cause emotional changes and insomnia. The treatment for these allergies usually consists of some kind of antihistamine to partially block the release of histamine, but the treatment comes with the associated short and long term side effects such as sleepiness, dry mouth, urinary retention, confusion, nightmares, nervousness, and irritability.

Red Cedar Health offers a desensitizing treatment for environmental allergies. The treatment consists of taking oral drops (no needles) that re-condition the immune system to react in a normal way to the presence of environmental allergens. In one study, all the patients who with a grass or tree allergy who where treated for 2 years with the desensitizing drops (1 drop 3 times per day) were able to go without any antihistamines during the second allergy season (60% decrease in antihistamine use during the first season).

Food allergies may be the same type as environmental allergies but it most cases they are a different type of response. The medical “allergist” tests for the environmental type response when they use the ‘skin prick’ test. While this test is very good at exposing environmental type allergies (we use it for environmental allergy testing at Red Cedar Health), it will only pick up the similar type response (a.k.a. IgE, immediate hypersensitivity reaction, anaphylactic type reaction) that occurs with certain food reactions. Most of the reactions to food are IgG reactions or another type of non-IgE mediated response. These will not be picked up with the scratch test, which is why most MDs and allergists do not believe in the high rates of food allergies and sensitivities that most Naturopathic Doctors are discovering.

Red Cedar Health offers a variety of IgG testing as well as others methods of determining reactions that your body may be having due to foods.



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